What does your heart desire? Happiness?! Do you know what truly makes you happy? Let’s find out. Grab a pen and a paper to make a list of your desires.


We all have reasons to believe that our world is an unsafe place to be. The situations and people can threaten our survival and our peace of mind.


We want safety in the present and security in the future to protect us from any external or internal harm.


Sometimes people and our world can change drastically or at a rather fast pace, making us feel incapable of coping with the changes.


We may have a scarcity of our basic needs or this sense of scarcity may be a result of comparison with others around us.


An absence of greed and gratitude for what you do or have leads to satisfaction and contentment.


Mental conflicts or just a racing mind can lead to lack of peace.


Internal conflicts can cause lack of harmony.

Being Loved

Wanting to be cared for, needed or wanted.

Being Loving

Wanting to love and to care for someone or something.


There is a sense of great distrust in the world and wanting to be able to trust someone or wanting to be trusted is but natural.


A lack of rejection.


To be seen as someone special or worthy of being held in high regards.


A desire to share your life with someone or a sense of camaraderie with one or more people, often because we are unable to share with strangers, acquaintances, and friends.


A desire for friends with whom to share with, who understand, encourage, help, support us. Often we are unable to get these things from strangers, and acquaintances.


An absence of a sense of separation.


To be seen by people as you truly are and a lack of misunderstandings resulting from verbal and non-verbal miscommunication.


It is only natural to desire fairness when most seem to have their own interests above everyone else’s and do not hesitate to take others for granted. Wanting to be treated fairly involves a subtle calculation of what you give and receive.


Being needed and looked up to.


To be able to influence people and the world.


To be your truest self and express that freely and fearlessly.


To learn about someone, something or the world around us.

We often desire safety, security, stability, abundance, peace, harmony, being loved, trust, acceptance, camaraderie, companionship, friendships, connection/belongingness, understanding, and freedom. But think about it – they all arise from a sense of lack.

Admiration/respect, fairness, importance, and power are goals of the ego and cannot bring happiness by themselves.

Satisfaction/contentment, being loving, and exploration bring happiness and great joy to oneself. And the good news is you are free and adequate to create these!

Only when you are free  free of fear, sense of lack and anything that is holding you back and flowing can you be truly loving. But can you free yourself unless you know what is imprisoning you? The desires you listed above are a reflection of your limiting beliefs. Refer your list and start with the desire that has the strongest pull on you. Find out where did the desire stem from. An understanding of the cause of your desire along with the courage to let go of your limiting beliefs and to align your actions with your new understanding will help you loosen its grip on you. Free yourself of each desire till you become an authentic being, free to express your highest truth.

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